Acts Ministries International, Victory Chapel reaches out to the community through the following events:

“Victorious Life Conference”
This is an annual conference where we equip the saints with the word of God. Souls are saved and revived, saints are set on fire for God. Because of the strong anointing in this meeting, backsliders are won back to Christ. These meetings are open to all.
Acts 2:3, “And there appeared to them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them.”

“Prophetic Woman of Destiny Conference”
Aims to reach women who are hurting. Bringing together women of all walks of life, raising women in praying for the nations, marriages and the Community.
In these meetings we teach couples practical and effective ways to love, behold and cherish support, build and honour one another. Teaching them the roles and responsibilities of couples and to have a walk worthy of the Lord. Because of the pure word of God that is taught, their past hurts are repaired.

We also organise seminars and workshops for a reunion programme and fire “a flame celebration”.