The Power Of Fasting & Prayer


‘Understanding the Power of Fasting with Prayer’ Book

‘Understanding the Power of Fasting with Prayer’ is not just another book on the subject. It is a comprehensive, practical and indispensable resource for anyone who has decided to experience the true power of God. Drawing from sound biblical insight, first hand experience and deep-seated conviction, Anena Maria Gorretti makes a passionate call to all believers to return to the ancient Christian practice of fasting and prayer. Fasting is not a popular subject; particularly in a world of fast foods, entertainment, recreation and pleasure. Nonetheless, the author approaches the subject with the courage of a mandated messenger, the credibility of a regular practitioner and a conviction that stems from a record of several victories. This book is balanced, practical and a wholesome treatise. It is both incisive and easy to read, taking the individual on an instructional yet inspiring journey./p>