Woman of Destiny


Woman of Destiny Is a ministry outreach of Ami, which was established to stir women to spiritual attention and help them to experience God’s best for their lives. Like the parent ministry, Woman of Destiny is geared towards operating internationally and inter-denominationally, with the vision to raise women to meet with the Almighty God of unlimited possibilities. God’s desire is for women to be on fire and shine to reflect the beauty of God in their life (spirit, soul and body). 

“Who maketh His angels spirits, His ministers a Flaming Fire,” Psalms 104:4  

Our vision
To teach and encourage women to focus on the only true solution in life, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 
To teach the women about the scriptural principles that lead to success for all. 
To train women to rise to every challenge of life with prayer, tenacity and praise to God till they experience favour.

Woman of Destiny aims to reach out to women who are hurting bringing together women of all walks of life, raising women in prayers for the nations, marriages and society. Equip women with the necessary knowledge, gifts and talents to enable them to reach their maximum potential in Christ in order to affect their society. 
Help Women to break free from personal, environmental and social limitations to become flames for Christ.

To Touch Life
Increase productivity among women by promoting entrepreneurship, both at individual and corporate levels.
Teach women to shine in their inner spiritual beauty and outwardly glorifying God in confidence.

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Promote a positive self image among women irrespective of their backgrounds, experience and status quo. Woman of Destiny should always shine and feel successful and contented whether as a youth, a single woman, wife or mother.
Forge unity amongst women from all walks of life and promote learning from each other amongst the different groups.
Interact with and influence other less privileged women to be the best that they can be.

Our Goal

Monthly Periodic Meetings: 
Meetings covering a range of Christian issues that are relevant to women with an emphasis on scriptural principles. God uses this kind of meeting to transform and empower women.  

Annual Conference:
Hold annual theme conferences for women to unleash the flaming potential in them. God is equipping women by pouring out His Spirit upon flesh and commissioning us to do even greater works.

Bridging the Gap: 
The Woman of Destiny department of Acts Ministries International Victory Chapel seeks to link with various women groups and ministries around the world to empower and mentor women around the globe.
Visit Other Women Groups: 
This will include visits to meetings organized by other established women groups pursuing similar goals as well as outreaches to the less privileged women such as widows or women in prisons. 
Listen Women! You are a Mine Full of Gold Ready to be extracted.  

We aim to communicate through e-mail to encourage Woman of Destiny. Communicating letters will be sent with information on upcoming events.