• Raising Godly children for the Kingdom through effective prayer and study of The Word.
  • Teaching them the Gospel
  • Raising Godly leaders for the Kingdom whether in Ministry or in the secular world
  • Training them to enter into relationship with the true and living God
  • Fulfilling their God-given destiny and releasing the greatness that is within them.
  • Reaching out to the lost and hurting of all ages, races and backgrounds
  • Equipping them to win souls for Christ Jesus
  • Raising Joshua, Samuel David and Daniel, Esther, Deborah to take ground for Jesus Christ.


In a world of singleness, the majority of people are single and we believe that God has given us a message to develop the single parents impacting their lives with sound doctrine of the word to cause them to be balanced in making the right choices for their perfect partner. Acts 2:46